5 Surf Spots In South Africa

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Surf Trip South Africa

South Africa is home to friendly people and great waves for surfing, with our two coast lines offering different types of waves depending on your level of surfing. Here in South Africa we have it all, from beginner beach breaks to advanced reef breaks.Why wouldn’t you want to come on a Surf Trip to South Africa.

1. Jeffreys Bay

Voted as the second best wave in the world,  Jeffrey’s Bay plays host to many great surfing competitions. The town is also known for the safe beaches and it offers many rides of up to 800 meters (2,600 ft) long. You will also find handcrafted clothing stores devoted to surfing that make for unique memorabilia.

A very long, fast, tubing right hand point break breaks along the west side of the bay. The break is regarded as one of the best right hand point breaks in the entire world, in both consistency and quality, in season. It has been divided up into several sections, including, from the top of the point, Kitchen Windows, Magnatubes, Boneyards, Supertubes, Impossibles, Tubes, The Point and Albatross. “Supertubes”, which itself breaks for about 300m or more, is regarded as the best part of the wave. On rare occasions (large wave sizes, wide-breaking waves, and even swells), Boneyards can link up all the way to the Point for a ride over one kilometre long.

Sun setting while surfers catch waves in Jeffreys Bay

2. Seal Point

Seal Point is a consistent, exposed point break that remains quiet and peaceful all year round. The surfing conditions are best when there is a north-westerly blowing and a swell that is south-southeast.

trees, rocks, waves breaking along a point

3. Noordhoek Beach

A beautiful white sand beach that stretches over a 7km long. It’s broken up by a series of sand banks that gives you waves of different shapes and sizes. Some peaks get close to perfect along the beach, depending on sand movement and swell quality. Southeast winds are offshore.

Sandy beach, waves breaking onto beach, mountain in background

4. Elands Bay

Known for its raw beauty and cooking left hand point, Elands Bay is a place for both beginner and advanced surfers. It is a point break that can get really good with the right winds and swell direction but also has a beach break where beginners can go and catch some less intimidating waves. There are caves you can hike to watch the sun set and sand dunes where you can go sand boarding. There are plenty of waves around the area you just have to know where to look.

surfer riding wave with mountain in the back.

5. BigBay

Surf with the famous Table Mountain as the backdrop. Big Bay, Bloubergstrand, with it’s famous view of the mountain, beautiful stretch of white sand beach makes it the ideal spot to learn how to surf or improve your skills. This wave is for both beginner and intermediate surfers offering a fun left and right wave. It gets really fun on the high tide and we suggest only doing surf lessons on the lower tide.

white water waves break onto sand with blue skies over table mountain

We offer surf trips all around South Africa, if you are wanting to head up the Garden Route to Jeffrey’s Bay, one of the best right hand surf points in the world or rather head West and see our raw untouched coast line with cooking waves, we offer it all. We have planned trips and we also do custom made surf trips tailored to you and your surfing ability. With over 30 years experience, our surf guide will make sure you have an enjoyable experience and make sure you are safe the entire way, what better way to explore South Africa’s coast than with a local surfer.

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