Guided Day Surf Trips Around Cape Town

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Surfing is one of the amazing and extreme sports you can do on your trips. Apart from relaxing your mind and improving your moods, surfing also benefitsyour cardiovascular, heart, and mental fitness. In case you are new to the sport, you need to undertake guided surfing lessons to help you build confidence and the skills you need for extreme sporting.


You also need to locate the best spots that are ideal for your surfing experience. As a visitor, you need local sporting guides to show you around. In this post, we look at some of the trip destinations for guided surfing around Cape Town. You should consider these beaches if you are planning your trip to South Africa.

1. Longbeach

Long Beach is a sheltered beach located in Cape Peninsula. The surf in Long Beach is consistent, giving you a wonderful surfing experience whenever you want. Winter is the best time for surfing in Long Beach.


The beach is open to the public giving access to all people, and it is a wonderful spot for surfing regardless of your experience. The atmosphere is also friendly. You only need to take care of the crowds and, maybe if you are scared, the sharks.


2. Witsands


Another wonderful spot for guided day surf trips is the Witsands, which is an exposed beach break. The beach also offers a consistent surf that makes it ideal for beginners as well as experienced surfers. The best time for surfing at Witsands is Winter.


At the Witsands beach, the crowding is low, and you will experience a better surfing environment as a beginner. But you need to be careful because sometimes the rips here make the surf quite dangerous. Maybe this is the reason why there are fewer people.

3. Scarborough

The beach is an exposed point break and has clean groundswells and its best swell prevail from the West. The surf here is inconsistent, and the ideal time for touring Scarborough for surfing is during Summer and Spring.


Remember to carry your rash vestduring Summer because Cape Town is hot during the season. You also need your water bottle to avoid dehydration by the hot sun. The beach is usually crowded when the surf is high. However, the beach has rocks that make it hazardous for surfing. You need to take care not to crash with your surfboard.

4. Cape Point


The Cape Point os the Southernmost tip of the Cape Peninsula in Cape Town. Cape Point has various beachesthat are good for day surf trips you would enjoy. Some of these beaches include Maclear Beach, Diaz Beach, and Buffels Beach.


You can choose any of the points for your guided day surf trip. Ensure that you do not forget your wetsuitand surfing wax. You can also shoot free GoPro photosto keep your surfing trip memories.

5. Noordhoek


With waves throughout, the Noordhoek is an exposed beach break which offers you favourable surfing for both right and left waves. Surfing at Noordhoek is ideal during Spring and summer. You will need to carry your sunblockto protect your skin if you come surfing at this point.


The best time to surf here is when the tide is low. The place is not crowded. You, however, need to be careful about sharks, rocks, and urchins that are present here. If you need to carry your surfing gear, you can place a roof rack trayat the top.


6. Llandudno

The Llandudno beach is fairly exposed. Here, the groundswell is more prevalent than the wind swell. The most preferable swell angle is Southwest. One advantage here is that the beach break gives you both the lefts and rights.


However, this beach only works rarely. You can expect a long duration without the right surf for sporting. The Llandudno is usually crowded whenever it is active. Take care when surfing here because sharks are common.

7. Sandy Bay

This sheltered beach break offers a consistent surf that goes flat during Summer. Groundswells work the best here for your surf trip experience. You can rely on the Southeast swell direction, and the beach break is good for both the lefts and rights. Crowding is low here, but you need to be careful regarding sharks.

8. Glen Beach

If you prefer a place with consistent and uninterrupted surf, then Glen Beach is the place to go. Here, the beach is an exposed break with more groundswells than wind swells. Southwest is the most reliable angle for swelling, and right breaking is the best option you have. The place is sometimes busy when the surf is high. But take care because there are rocks and sharks in the area.

9. Blouberg


When you want to go surfing without worrying about the time of the year, then Blouberg is the best place to visit for a guided day surf. The Bloubergstrand has a fairly consistent surf that works at any season you feel like. The place has no shelter at all, and the offshore winds come from Northeast.


Southwest is ideal for the swell direction, and you can expect more groundswells than wind swells. You will like the beach because it gives you both lefts and rights. Jet skis are also common here, be careful when surfing. The place also gets a bit crowded when the surf is good.

10. Strand (Pipe)

Strand is both a beach and a reef that is exposed. The surf is reliably consistent offering you a great experience all through the year. Here, groundswells are common, and Southwest is the best swell angle with offshore winds coming from the East.


The spot offers both beach brakes of rights and lefts as well as hand reef breaks, left and right. The place gets crowded at times when the tide is good. But be wary of the sharks.

Summing Up

Surfing at Cape Town gives you all the possibilities to enjoy your trip any season around the year. You should not forget to carry your towelto dry yourself after coming out of the water. Also, remember to come with snacksand good vibes. When talking about snacks, who can forget to have a glass of wine and dalmore while traveling around.




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