Guided Surf Tours Cape Town

Know how to surf but don’t know where the best surf spots in Cape Town are? Our Guided Day Surf Tour package is for you!

Surfing in Cape Town can be a difficult and frustrating adventure if you don’t know which surf spots work best in different conditions. We are spoilt with option when it comes to surfing in Cape Town with many different spots scattered all along our beautiful coast line, you just need to know which one to head to, thats where we come in, we have over 30 years experience in the surfing game. We will fetch you from your accommodation and take you surfing at Cape Town’s best surf spots, we will be in the water with you giving you tips & sharing some local knowledge with you. See our coastline through the eyes of a local and have a surf buddy in the water with you.

Check our surf trip packages page on trips up the Garden Route to Jeffrey’s Bay and up the West coast to Elands Bay or click here for more info on things to do in Cape Town.

Learn to surf big Bay



Surfing in Cape Town can be an adventurous activity with lots of options to choose from. Depending on weather conditions and your surfing ability our Surf School on Wheels will head to the surf spot that is most suitable for you on the day of your booking. We check the forecast online and then decide where is best to go the day before, considering factors such as tides, wind and swell direction before making our decision to provide the safest and most enjoyable experience for you. With this package you get to see more of Cape Town and surf with an experienced local.



We will collect you from your lodging and drop you off again when we are done or you can meet us at the beach if you like.


We will fetch you from your accommodation and take you surfing at whichever spot is best for that day. Matthew, your surf guide will share some local knowledge with you & show you where to paddle out & tell you of any possible currents/dangers (if any) you should be aware of.

Please note: The pick up time is based on the forecast for the day.